Sustainable development

The Taragalte concept continues to grow and evolve, but its primary objectives remain the same. They are drawn, mainly, by strengthening socio-cultural links, harmonizing life with nature and even minimal economic benefit for the region.

Cultural exchanges

Taragalte’s cultural exchange program is a space for the design of cultural and social events. Thanks to it, a new space for art and traditional design has been designed and is still evolving: workshops for local craftsmen/women have been created in collaboration with national/international artists and designers who continue to create new opportunities for sustainable production. For example, the Carpet of Life project involves local women in the transformation of old clothes for the creation of a vibrant and colorful carpet. This also generates economic benefits for local families.

M’Hamid is a mystical place that helps and inspires many national and international artists in creation. An inspiration through the experience of the traditional and unique lifestyle that these nomads adopt in this region of Morocco. Visitors and local communities benefit from these creations, just out of the workshops, through exhibitions and the sale of these products.


The Draa Valley has long been known for its oases and palm groves. This environment has shaped the way of life of its inhabitants; they grow dates, fruit trees, vegetables and cereals. But over the last decade, this melting pot of ethnicities suffers from desertification while congratulating more and more tourists. This tourism is now considered the most important development tool in the region.

Over the past 30 years, persistent drought has forced many nomads to abandon their traditional methods. Given the magnitude of the challenge, «Le Petit Prince» tries, through awareness-raising actions and the re-vegetation of the local ecosystem, to facilitate the economic development of the M’Hamid region.

As part of the Taragalte concept and in partnership with the Sahara Roots and the Zaila association, we (local people, tourists and festival-goers) plant trees, to fight against desertification, while informing tourists as they go, on the fragility of the flora and fauna in the desert. This initiative so far has proved extremely fruitful.

Taragalte Festival

The Taragalte festival focuses on the rejuvenation of cultural exchanges between the Sahara communities of North Africa and the rest of the world.

On its 3 days of performance, we will present famous musical legends, share stories and combine many customs in order to bring life to this past lost before.

During this period, the Little Prince became the residence of artists and a crossroads of encounters, exchanges, ideas and co-creation of artistic novelties.