Poetry and philosophy activities

Who doesn’t know Antoine de Saint-Exupéry?
The illustrious French-speaking writer was so inspired by the desert that he placed his beloved character there:
The Little Prince / Le Petit Prince.

The reflections of this enigmatic, luminous being, out of time, leads us to explore all the corners and nooks of the human soul.
The writings of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry are a humanistic work of incredible beauty and teaching full of pure and profound precepts.

The real journey is not to travel the desert or to cross great underwater distances, it is to reach an exceptional point where the flavour of the moment bathes all the contours of the interior life.
– Le Petit Prince –

Our bivouac wishes to revive the spirit of this initiatory journey by selecting texts from its bibliography, and by completing it with those of authors who share the same humanistic and pacifist vision.

A connection place dedicated to discovery, reflection, exchange has been conceived and bears the symbolic name of “Tent of Encounter”.

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The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Library under the Tent of Encounter

The Tent of Encounter transcends time and dogma. Set on its desert, this place of self-emptying and wisdom houses the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry library.

An honor, for us as well as for all those who come to meet him.From the rising of the sun to that of the stars, this place conducive to escape and philosophy, reflects in a particular way, the values and actions shared by Bivouac since its inception.

There are reading sessions to confront our thoughts, learn from each other for more empathy and unity. This space, we want it central, sacred.

We are convinced that research, knowledge, the quest for self, listening to the other, are the cornerstones of every virtuous approach.

Wisdom will enter your heart, and you will savour knowledge with joy. Reflection will protect you, intelligence will keep you.
– Proverbs 2:10 –

Every evening is dedicated to a book; so we welcome writers, thinkers, poets… of the region and far away, to experience and exchange our humanities.

Around a fire that rekindles the flames of sharing, music accompanies our spiritual impulses bringing new rhythms and movements to our thoughts.

Vigil evenings are also offered and you are invited to observe the stars through the site’s telescope, accompanied by our nomadic astronomers.