Our Bivouac

Located at the gates of the desert (M’Hamid El Ghizlane), where the last palm of the Draa meets the dunes of the great desert,
the Bivouac Le Petit Prince contains a dozen tents arranged in a circle with a larger common tent,
which hosts several activities during the year.

A Bivouac is an outdoor camp, allowing to appreciate the nomadic way of life. The Bivouac embodies an ecological vision of the region, with its solar panels, water conservative toilets and vegetable gardens highlighting productive research.

Close to nature and wanting to conserve the most precious resource in the Sahara, we use grey water to feed our vegetable garden.

For those who have an adventurous soul, we have a nomadic «ephemeral» Bivouac that can be installed in several places, at the request of the customer, in Erg Chigaga and Lake of Iriki in particular.

The serenity and calm that reigns in the oasis makes the place perfect for a good meditation and yoga session.

In order to reduce desertification and facilitate access to water, we undertook the planting of a rustic native flora, in the vicinity of the Bivouac Le Petit Prince.

We invite all residents, artists and visitors to participate in the adventure and help us in our activities to create a stable green platform.

If you also want to contribute by donating to the project (led by the Sahara Roots Association), do not hesitate, you too can plant a tree and contribute to the survival of the region.

In the summer, due to the hot periods, the Bivouac is dismantled. At that time, we offer stunning stars and very short dromedary excursions during the day.

Once the Taragalte Festival began (in mid-November), Le Bivouac Le Petit Prince was transformed into «Résidence d’artistes», welcoming most of them, thus creating an atmosphere of exchange and sharing for all festival-goers with an appetite for art and exchange.

“Artists in residence” have the opportunity to draw inspiration from the traditional way of life of nomads but especially from the natural means they use every day to develop a new art, devoid of various technologies.

Local residents can benefit from additional income from the sale of products made by “artists-in-residence” in their workshops or during exhibitions.

Credits video and photos : Ilyace Triaoui

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Bivouac Le Petit Prince vu du ciel