Dromedaries Caravans

M'Hamid - Ezzahar Erg

“La Rahla”: 5 days of camel caravan.

Day 1 – Bivouac Le Petit Prince >> El Arada Erg >> Ruins of Sidi Bousnina

After breakfast, the hike starts towards the ruins of Sidi Bousnina via the Erg El Arada. A picnic is planned for lunch. Then the route is made until the ruins where a camp will be mounted for the night.

Day 3 – Ezzahar Erg >> Smar Erg

Sunrise and breakfast Bedouin around the embers of the day before, then continue the hike to the Erg smar via Ait Ounabgui. Lunch in the middle of the desert. Dinner and accommodation will be in the tent or once again under the stars.

Day 2 – Ruins of Sidi Bousnina >> Ezzahar Erg

The departure to the great dunes of the south of Erg Ezzahar will take place early in the morning with a break scheduled for lunch. In the afternoon, the caravan continues towards the big dune or a green tea ritual is deserved in front of a unique sunset, then a preparation of the tajine with the chameliers.
The dinner will be made under a sky illuminated by a thousand stars and a possibility to sleep under a tent or to the beautiful star.

Day 4 – Smar Erg >> Ait Ounir Erg

The caravan continues its course following the trail through the desert. A Picnic is planned for lunch and the camp installation for the night is done immediately to start the preparation of sandbread for dinner.

Day 5 – Rass Nkhill >> Ait Ounir Erg

After breakfast the hike will start again towards Bivouac Le Petit Prince. A good shower will be welcome, we suppose, just like the last musical evening punctuated by the songs of the desert.

*meaning camel saddle and symbol of travel and celebration in the desert.

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