Yoga – Meditation – Art therapy

Well-being is the key to a life in harmony and balance. Taking care of oneself then becomes essential even vital in our day.

Who has not dreamed of leading a meditative retreat in a place that calls for the tranquility of the soul, the tranquility of the mind soothed by the energy of the natural spaces?

The desert allows everyone to listen to their inner melody in infinite communion with the omnipresent nature.
A baptism of loneliness and reunion with oneself that promises to be exhilarating but especially of importance.

Our meditation and yoga teachers come from all over the world to impart this discipline by sharing their passion. The desert is for them an experimental field of possibilities, it allows in fact a reading of another self, an access to universal and spiritual notions that one could not reach elsewhere.
Come live intense days around yoga, from visualization to the rhythm of sounds, access meditative journeys calling for the calm of the mind!

All senses will be explored and solicited

Massage, relaxation, reflexology, yoga and meditation will be your key words!

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The desert of the prophets

The prophets constantly recall the love and calm of the desert.
“I will lead her to the desert and speak to her heart”. (Osée 2:16).

In the ordeal of exile as a return to the source, the beloved people rediscover the vigour of their faith in the desert.