Discover a timeless place, a gateway to the mystifying Sahara. Located in the south of Morocco, we invite you to experience our traditional nomadic lifestyle, rooted in sharing and living in harmony with the fragile environment. The bivouac – Le Petit Prince is a meeting place for culture exchange and environmental preservation in the Sahara.

Le Petit Prince is part of a wider Taragalte Concept; a tourism based sustainable development initiative, founded by us – a team of Moroccan nomads. Through our shared vision we are contributing to the preservation and evolution of our ancestral heritage in the M’hamid region. Our bivouac is located over 7 km from M’hamid, and lies in last oasis before entering the expanse of the vast Sahara. Through the right type of tourism that is ecologically sensitive and culturally aware and involving, the bivouac aims to bring sustainable development. During your stay we will show you what has shaped our way of life, and involve you all its aspects – cultural, environmental, creative and spiritual.