Our Bivouac

Our Bivouac Le Petit Prince is located where the last Draa palms meet the vast Sahara – we stand at the gateway to the great desert. Le Petit Prince is composed of a dozen nomadic tents arranged in a circle, with a large communal tent that hosts many cultural activities throughout the year.

Bivouac Le Petit Prince embodies our vision for the area and features solar panels, water conserving toilets, a productive research vegetable garden and more. Naturally, we use grey water for the vegetables as water is one of, if not the most valued resource in this region.

For the slightly more adventurous traveller we have an “ephemeral”/nomadic bivouac, which can be set up on request in many places, including Chigaga Iriqui. The serenity of the oasis makes it a perfect place to practice meditation and yoga.

To improve the surrounding environment, i.e. reduce desertification and potentially increase access to water, we have begun planting hardy indigenous flora around Le Petit Prince. Locals, artists, tourists and visitors are all involved in the fight against desertification. By donating a small amount of money to the project (led by Sahara Roots), you will also be able to plant a tree and make a lasting contribution to our homeland!

During the summer months, we dismantle the bivouac due to the hot weather and instead offer the  chance of spending our evenings under the stars with short camel excursions in the early morning and/or late afternoon.

When the Taragalte Festival begins (Mid-November), Bivouac Le Petit Prince is transformed into the ‘Residence Artistic’, hosting many artists who perform during the festival.