Dromedary Caravan: M’hamid – Lake D’Eriki

Duration: Bespoke experiences ranging from 1 to 10+ days.

The caravan is an ideal way to explore the desert and the ancient nomadic lifestyle. During your tailor made caravan trail we’ll travel through a plethora of habitats – desert, oasis, valley, dune meeting the people that have made them their home. On average we’ll cover between 10-15 km per day and visit place like the beautiful Hamada du Draa and Lake Eriki.

The circuit “Bel H’adi” (the North Star)
Bel H’adi or the North Star served at the time of the great caravans (Azalai) as a landmark in the Sahara. The circuit begins at Le Petit Prince and lasts for 5 to 7 days. During the trip you will spend your evenings around the campfire where you can enjoy the star constellations. (For desert lovers who wish for more than 7 days, please contact us)