Sustainable development

 The Taragalte Concept continues to grow and evolve but the over arching goals remain constant which are to contribute to the strengthen socio-cultural ties, live in accordance with nature and no matter how modest benefit the region economically. 

Cultural Exchange:

The Taragalte Cultural Exchange programme is a space for social design and cultural events. Through the programme a new space for traditional art and design has been created and continues to evolve. Workshops with local craftsmen/women in collaboration with national/international artists and designers have and will continue to create new possibilities and sustainable products. One such programme is the recent Carpet of Life where local women use traditional and modern crafts to turn old clothes (from developed nations) into a vibrant and colourful – Carpet of Life.

M’hamid is a mystical place offering national and international artists the space and inspiration to create. These artists-in-residence have the opportunity to be inspired by the traditional nomadic lifestyle. Visitors and the local community can profit from the outcome of workshops with artists-in-residence through exhibitions and product sale.

Environment :

The Draa Valley has long been known for its oases and palm groves. The environment has shaped the culture which is known for cultivating date palms, fruit trees, vegetables and cereals. Over the last decade though this melting pot of ethnicities has suffered from the effects of desertification while welcoming more and more tourists, consequently tourism is now considered to be one of the most important development tool in this region.

Persistent drought over the past 30 years has forced many nomads to abandon their traditional ways. Given the magnitude of the challenge, “Le Petit Prince” through awareness and action contributes to the re-vegetation of the local ecosystems and in doing so facilitates economic development in M’Hamid.

As part of the Taragalte Concept, one such initiative is proving to be successful. In partnership with the Sahara Roots and Zaila Association we (the local people, tourists and festival goers) plant trees to combat the desertification while simultaneously educating each other about the fragility of the desert fauna and flora.

The Taragalte Festival :

Now in its 5th Edition – The Taragalte Festival puts emphasis on reigniting cultural exchange between the communities of the North African Sahara and the rest of the world.

Over the 3 days we showcase; traditional and modern music, celebrate legends, share stories, and combine our many customs – bringing the nostalgia to life. During the festival Le Petit Prince is the Residence Artistic (artists-in-residence), acting as a hub for the artists to meet, share ideas and co-create.